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Return of daily BioAg Sciences Librarian in-person assistance on 3rd floor of Shields Library

September 30th, 2011 by Ruth Gustafson

After a two-year hiatus, the Biological/Agricultural (BioAg) Sciences Consultation Desk on the 3rd floor of Shields Library is once again being staffed. As of Monday, September 26, 2011, the BioAg Consult Desk hours are Monday-Friday, 1-5pm for a total of 20 in-person desk hours/week.

In addition, BioAg Librarians have scheduled office hours for four extra hours between Tuesday-Friday: Tuesday noon-1pm; Wed-Fri 11am-noon. These hours are noted at the top of each BioAg Library Subject Guide along with each BioAg Librarian’s contact information. See these BioAg Subject Guides at:

For in-person general library/technology questions outside of the above hours, please ask at the First Floor Shields Reference Desk, Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm, where assistance will be provided by *non-science* Reference Librarians.

As always, for specialized biological and agricultural library questions, feel free to email:
Or email your BioAg Librarian Subject Specialist directly. Listing at:

Major CAB Thesaurus Update (August 2011)

September 1st, 2011 by Ruth Gustafson

Press release, 3 August 2011

“CAB Thesaurus gets biggest update in 30 years

The CAB Thesaurus, the world’s most comprehensive controlled vocabulary covering applied life sciences and related subject areas, has had its biggest update in 30 years. In just one year the thesaurus has grown by 40% and now includes nearly 137,000 terms.

Additions to the new edition include:
• 10,000 nematode species mentioned in CABI online databases
• World lists of birds, mammals, sucking lice (Anoplura) and trichodectid chewing lice (Mallophaga), with synonyms
• Complete revisions to the existing taxonomic hierarchies in the thesaurus of dinoflagellates and algae
• 7275 new insect species from the Medani database, which contains species of veterinary and medical importance”

Detailed information from CABI website