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NIH Compliance: Getting your PMID & PMCID numbers

How can I find the PMCID number in PubMed?

To check if there has been a PMCID (PubMed Central ID number) assigned to your article, you will need to locate the article in Pubmed. Then, change your ‘Display Settings’ (the link at the top left of your search results will open up the drop-down menu). Select ‘Abstract’ view from the drop-down menu.

Pubmed Display Settings set to Abstract View

Once you can see your article in abstract view, take a look below the abstract for the PMID number and an associated PMCID number. If you do not see the PMCID, it may be still in process.

If you have a batch of PubMed results and would like to check to see if there are associated PMCIDs, you can selectively send the PMIDs to a text file or to the clipboard, and then use the PMID to PMCID Converter at the Pubmed Central website to check for any associated PMCIDs.

Select Citations to be Sent to Text File or Clipboard

With your search results for your articles in Pubmed displayed in your browser window, click on the ‘Send to’ drop down menu  and select  File and also  PMID as format.  Your results will be sent to a text file on your computer.

Pubmed Author Results and Send to Menu in PMID format

Try out the PMID to PMCID Tool at Pubmed Central

Now you are ready to take your text file of PMIDs over to the Pubmed Central site: PMID to PMCID Converter .
(Note: Alternatively, you can save your PMIDs to the clipboard when in PubMed and then use the option to input the PMIDs from the clipboard into the PMID to PMCID Converter).

PMID to PMCID Converter Tool showing results saved to a text file

Read more about the NIH Public Access Policy and How To Comply:

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