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AAALAC Expectations and Interpretations

February 25th, 2011 by Mary Wood


.Beginning September 2011, AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care) will use the following three primary standards to evaluate animal care and use programs.   “… their adoption by AAALAC’s Board of Trustees as primary standards signifies the importance of these performance based guidelines in the accreditation process.”


Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (Guide 8th ed.), NRC 2011

Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Research and Teaching (Ag Guide), FASS 2010

Council of Europe ETS 123 (Appendix A, Appendix B)

Additional information about the changes to the program description, the proposed position statements, and related education and training may be found at the AAALAC site.

UC Davis is AAALAC accredited.

Grizzly bear nutrition: 2011 Morris Lecture

February 10th, 2011 by Mary Wood

Morris Lectureship on Bear Nutrition and Physiology

The School of Veterinary Medicine 2011 James G. Morris Lectureship in Companion Animal Nutrition* was presented this week:

Grizzly bear nutrition, physiology, and ecology, the human opposite

Charles T. Robbins, BS, MS, PhD
Professor and Director
Bear Research Center
Washington State University


Bear Center, Washington State University

Related information that may be of interest follows.

Bear Center Research, Education and Conservation Program, Washington State University

Publications List of scientific publications by Bear Center personnel or by outside investigators using the captive bears at Washington State University

Including: Robbins C.T., C.C. Schwartz, K.A. Gunther, and C. Servheen.  2006.  Grizzly Bear Nutrition and Ecology Studies in Yellowstone National Park.  Yellowstone Science 14:19-26.


Author searches in various relevant databases:

PubMed author search –  CT Robbins – click to initiate search

Zoological Record – type in Robbins, Charles T and select  Author, AU=

Biosis – type in Robbins, C.T. and select  Author

Wildlife and Ecology Studies Worldwide – type in Robbins, C.T. OR Robbins, C. T. and select  AU Author

*The James G. Morris Lectureship In Companion Animal Nutrition was established by the School of Veterinary Medicine in recognition of Dr. Morris’ years of service and numerous contributions to animal health.