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UC3 Summer Webinar Series

May 27th, 2011 by Mary Wood

The UC3 Summer Webinar Series is a forum offered by the University of California Curation Center, UC3 on topics of interest to the UC community.

UC3 is a creative partnership bringing together the expertise and resources of the University of California… provide high quality and cost-effective solutions that enable campus constituencies — museums, libraries, archives, academic departments, research units, and individual researchers — to have direct control over the management, curation, and preservation of the information resources underpinning their scholarly activities.

The UC3 Webinars will highlight projects, services, and developments in areas of digital preservation, web archiving and data curation.

The intent is to raise awareness of these issues, as well as the resources and services available to the UC community.

The tentative schedule is linked here; please check the schedule for exceptions and additions

Submitting Work to Open Access Journals

May 27th, 2011 by Mary Wood

In response to a recent question from a faculty member about whether UC Davis has SPARC membership (and an open access fund similar to UC Berkeley), we identified some key resources that may be helpful to others.   Related information on costs associated with publishing in open access may be found at:

UC Reshaping Scholarly Communication

Submit your work to open access journals

Open access journals are peer-reviewed journals that provide free, online access to their articles. They do not charge subscription fees to readers or libraries. Rather, they cover costs through publication fees, institutional subsidies, endowments, or sponsorships.  (DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals)

UC gets discounts on some publication fees via institutional memberships or licensing agreements.   See chart


Specific open access publishers:

BioMed Central
Comparison of BioMed Central’s Article Processing Charges with those of other publishers

Publication fees for PLoS journal

PLoS Institutional Membership
Affiliated scientists have reduced charges for publication in all PLoS journals: PLoS Biology, PLoS Medicine, PLoS Computational Biology, PLoS Genetics, PLoS Pathogens, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, and PLoS ONE


.So, to answer our faculty member’s followup question about costs:
BioMed Central discount is 15% and 20% for reviewers
PLos (Public Library of Science) discount is 20%
Springer – Springer Open journals discount is 15% (UC-Springer Open Access Pilot has been discontinued as of March 2011)


May 17th, 2011 by Mary Wood

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Frontiers in One Health Seminar
May 16th, noon, 1020 Valley

Disease Resurgence from Climatic and Ecological Change

Jonathan Patz, MD, PhD
University of Wisconsin (SAGE)
Health and Climate Change Expert

Nicholas Preston, PhD, post-doctoral scientist
UW Madison (SAGE)
Project Director of HealthScapes



EcoHealth is an international, peer-reviewed journal focused on the integration of knowledge at the interface between ecological and health sciences.

full-text available via UCD online subscription with SpringerLink





A suite of web tools for finding, analyzing, and sharing global environmental health information


Articles by JA Patz indexed in PubMed.

Next Generation Melvyl Replaces Current Melvyl June 24

May 12th, 2011 by Deanna Johnson

On June 24, 2011, the current Melvyl database will be retired as the University of California Libraries move to the Next Generation Melvyl (NGM) search tool, powered by OCLC’s WorldCat Local.  NGM was released as a pilot in April 2008 and has proven to be an invaluable search tool for all researchers: students, faculty, staff, and the public.

NGM supports research by allowing one-stop searching of UC Libraries’ holdings, selected full-text articles, ebooks, digital content, archival information, and much more – adding to the UC libraries’  33 million records there are over 800 million items from research institutions throughout the world. Easy-to-use links to ebooks and Request allow users to retrieve some titles immediately or order them via interlibrary loan. NGM also offers embedded tools for citing and exporting citations and creating and sharing lists.

Users can also ask reference questions via the “Chat with a Librarian” interface or see descriptive information, editorial reviews, and cover art.  In-depth author information helps to place works in context and provides useful information when doing research about a writer.

The UC Libraries have moved to NGM because of the promise of continual improvement and the seamless connection to the larger research world.  Web searching is not limited to a user’s local surroundings, so why limit library research?

The UC Libraries have a history of continuous improvement of the Melvyl service.   Developed in 1977, the first shared UC catalog was available on microfiche, followed in late 1979 by a pre-web online prototype.  Since then there have been many different interfaces, with the most recent permanent database upgrade in 2002, and NGM will make possible continual growth and improved research results.  After the older Melvyl database is discontinued, NGM will be referred to as Melvyl.

To access NGM, visit your local UC library homepage or

Sheep and Goat Diseases – Vet Clinics

May 10th, 2011 by Mary Wood

Therapeutics and Control of Sheep and Goat Diseases


..Veterinary Clinics of North America.  Food Animal Practice

..v.27, March 2011 ,  available online


..Table of Contents from PubMed





Plant JW, Lewis CJ. Treatment and control of ectoparasites in sheep.  PMID: 21215904

Winter AC. Treatment and control of hoof disorders in sheep and goats.  PMID: 21215902

Scott PR. Treatment and control of respiratory disease in sheep.  PMID: 21215901

Juste RA, Perez V. Control of paratuberculosis in sheep and goats.  PMID: 21215897

Lewis CJ. Control of important clostridial diseases of sheep.  PMID: 21215896

Menzies PI. Control of important causes of infectious abortion in sheep and goats.  PMID: 21215892

Galatos AD. Anesthesia and analgesia in sheep and goats.  PMID: 21215889

Ermilio EM, Smith MC. Treatment of emergency conditions in sheep and goats.  PMID:21215888


CHSL InterLibrary Loan is busy with requests for this  particular title.
(Thank you, Kathy, for the heads up – and for your consistent and amazingly speedy turn-around!)
Online access is available, though it can sometimes seem problematic.
If PubMed isn’t providing immediate online access to the full-text, go by way of the journal link in Harvest or by MDConsult.

NIH Launches free Web Resource on Complementary and Alternative Medicine

May 9th, 2011 by Bruce Abbott

from the press release:

A new online resource, designed to give health care providers easy access to evidence-based information on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), was unveiled today by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) of the National Institutes of Health.

With this new resource, providers will have the tools necessary to learn about the various CAM practices and products and be better able to discuss the safety and effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine with their patients.

Update: Google Scholar Preferences for UC-eLinks

May 4th, 2011 by

Activate the University of California ‘UC-eLinks’ within Google Scholar, to reach the UC library licensed subscriptions to journals, books, etc.

Work along with the video to make sure your Scholar Preferences are setup for use with both UC-eLinks and bibliographic management software such as EndNote, Refworks, Mendeley, etc.

At Google Scholar:
Click on Scholar Preferences
Scroll down to Library Links and search for the following two libraries for UC Davis:

  • Type in: Davis OR University of California Davis
  • Type in: California Digital Library

Now, select both checkboxes.
Save Preferences.
The UC-eLinks will show up on the right side of the page.

EndNote Bibliographic Management Software:
If you are using a bibliographic management software such as Endnote, select it from the drop down menu. To download EndNote or take an introductory class in using EndNote for course papers, articles or your thesis, see the EndNote page on the Library Website.

Click on Scholar Preferences linkNow, the UC-eLinks will be visible when searching Google Scholar.
Google Scholar search results with UC-eLinks activated