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Developing Data Attribution / Citation Practices & Standards

For Attribution — Developing Data Attribution and Citation Practices and Standards
Summary of an International Workshop

..Paul F. Uhlir, Rapporteur
..Board on Research Data and Information
..Policy and Global Affairs
..National Research Council

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..The National Academies Press

The growth of electronic publishing of literature has created new challenges, such as the need for mechanisms for citing online references in ways that can assure discoverability and retrieval for many years into the future. The growth in online datasets presents related, yet more complex challenges. It depends upon the ability to reliably identify, locate, access, interpret, and verify the version, integrity, and provenance of digital datasets. Data citation standards and good practices can form the basis for increased incentives, recognition, and rewards for scientific data activities that in many cases are currently lacking in many fields of research…

The problem of citing online data is complicated by the lack of established practices for referring to portions or subsets of data. There are a number of initiatives in different organizations, countries, and disciplines already underway. An important set of technical and policy approaches have already been launched by the U.S. National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and other standards bodies regarding persistent identifiers and online linking…    Read More

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