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Web Forum : Proposed UC Open Access Policy

A UC Davis faculty Town Hall on Open Access was conducted this past Friday, Nov. 30; background information may be found at UC  Reshaping Scholarly Communication: UC Open Access Policy.

In response, the Academic Senate is now launching a web forum for Academic Senate and Academic Federation faculty to express their thoughts, both pro and con, regarding the proposed policy.  (Web forum will close January 4, 2013.)

The faculty of the University of California, in conjunction with UCOLASC, is proposing a new OPEN ACCESS PUBLISHING POLICY that will apply to the dissemination of all scholarly work. … The primary goal of the policy is “to increase the availability and impact of research produced by the University of California, without adding new costs or undue burdens on the faculty.”


Information from forum posts will be consolidated and forwarded to the UC Davis Senate, who will draft comments representing Davis’ position and forward them to the Academic Council .   The Academic Council will consider the sentiment from all UC campuses at their January 23, 2013 meeting.

If Academic Council passes the proposed policy, it becomes Senate policy and then goes to UCOP to make it a joint presidential policy.

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