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UC Davis’ Kyriacos Athanasiou awarded Nemitsas Prize.

The Nemitsas Prize is given to Cypriot scientists who have excelled with inventions or discoveries either abroad, or in Cyprus. This year, it is being given to UC Davis’ very own Kyriacos Athanasiou, for the invention of a kit that can insert drugs into the body through the bones if the vein is inaccessible, such as if they have dehydration or are in shock. This technology was recently used in Haiti to stop a cholera epidemic.

From the Nemitsas Foundation:

“Professor Kyriacos A. Athanasiou was born and raised in Larnaka, Cyprus, and studied in United States where he is having a brilliant career. His discoveries in Biomedical Engineering Technology have had significant contribution to the development of products which save lives and improve the quality of life to millions of diseased people all over the world.

Professor Athanasiou’s legendary invention of delivering life-saving drugs through the bone of patients with no venous access has saved thousands of lives. His invention of a biodegradable implant is the first cartilage product to enter the market and is used globally.”

Image courtesy vistavision via Flickr.

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