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Nurse Residency Programs: Communication and Compassion

Nurse Residency programs are post-baccalaureate programs aimed at not only honing nursing skills among participants, but also help to improve the communication skills of graduates. These programs provide tools for dealing with situations where communication is important, such as demonstrating compassion to a patient and their family.

Rachele Khadjehturian, director of the Graduate Nurse Residency Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital, comments, “…interprofessional communication is not a required course in many curriculums, and new nurses and residents have to learn to work together on the job. Unless we teach residents and interns empathy as well as technical skills, it’s hard to know where the future of medicine is headed.”

UC Davis’ own Nursing Residency program stresses critical thinking, leadership skills, communication skills, and professional development, along with other technical aspects of the nursing career.

Find out more at the UC Davis Nursing Residency Program.

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