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The latest issue of Lab Animal (42(3) 2013) reviews the educational website of the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS)

Engaging the public on animal science notes:

“… despite the simple, easily readable format, this site is truly for the general public… although the emphasis of the site is on livestock, it includes companion animals, fish and animal species used in research… one highlighted subheading is ‘Animal welfare,’ leading to a page called ‘Animal welfare defined.’ This page focuses mainly on farm animals but introduces the AWA, the concept of an IACUC and enrichment….

…includes information on diagnosing animal diseases, zoonoses and even ‘Animal enrichment in zoos.’… gives examples of different careers in animal science, including nutritionist (along with an interview with a zoo nutritionist), physiologist, reproductive physiologist, animal behaviorist, geneticist, and animal products scientist….

… more complex information about animal science, ASAS’s Taking Stock website…”

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