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2013 AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals

AVMA@Work announced yesterday the publication of the 2013 edition of the 


The 2013 edition of the AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals has been published and it, together with an Executive Summary, can be accessed on the AVMA website.   An e-reader-friendly version will be available within a matter of days, and a print-on-demand book is also in the works for release at a later date.

Originally published in 1963, celebrating its 50th anniversary, and updated at least once every ten years, the document is intended for use by members of the veterinary profession who carry out or oversee the euthanasia of animals.   More than three years of intense work and deliberation by more than 60 individuals—including veterinarians, animal scientists, animal behaviorists, physiologists, psychologists and an animal ethicist—resulted in the commentary and recommendations contained in the 2013 edition.

The overriding commitment of these Guidelines is to provide veterinarians guidance in relieving pain and suffering of animals that are to be euthanized.

contributing from UCD SVMJoanne Paul-Murphy, DVM, DACZM, DACAW (Avian)

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