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PubMed through VPN problematic

Due to various updates and issues, PubMed and NCBI are not functioning well via VPN.

Following is a temporary workaround offered by Library Systems.

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Essentially: go to Pubmed outside the VPN, but go to licensed resources through the VPN…

1. Open browser to the Library’s home page.
2. Use File/New Window to produce 2 windows at the Library’s web page.
3. Bring up PubMed in one window and the VPN in the other
a. L window: Navigate to PubMed using Libraries and Collections tab /HSL menu item. PubMed link appears on the left
b. R window: Click on the VPN button and log in
4. Click the link to PubMed and begin searching.
a. L window: Get to search results and locate relevant article
5. Go to abstract display of relevant article and locate UCe-Links button by clicking on the article’s title hyperlink
a. L window: Place mouse cursor over UC-eLinks button, right click and select Copy Shortcut.
b. R window: Place mouse cursor in the dialog area to the left of the VPN menu Browse button and use CTRL V to paste the Shortcut in.
6. Navigate to the journal article if it is available.
a. L window: Article details on view in PubMed.
b. R window: Click on the VPN Browse button to arrive at article.
7. Continue viewing results in PubMed and return to VPN menu page when done viewing article
a. L window: Return to search results in PubMed by using Browser window’s Back Arrow.
b. R window: Return to VPN menu page by clicking House icon on VPN window.

For visuals, see REST OF THIS ENTRY

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