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New solution for logging into MyNCBI while on the VPN


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Many of us have had problems logging into MyNCBI while logged onto the VPN.

One solution is to select the “Keep me signed in unless I sign out” button on the “Sign in to NCBI” page. Unless you sign out of NCBI, the next time you access PubMed via the VPN from this same computer/ device, you should already be signed into myNCBI.  This works on Windows, Mac and iOS.  This approach should not be used on public computers.

Here is a workaround that should permit you to log into MyNCBI while also logged onto the VPN:

1. Log onto the VPN from the HSL homepage:

2. Navigate to PubMed via the PubMed link on the left under Online Resources.

3. Click “Sign in to NCBI” at the top right of the PubMed homepage.

4. Open the NCBI login frame in a new window. Instructions vary based on browser:

  • In Firefox, right click inside the smaller frame and select “This Frame/ Show Only This Frame”.
  • In Safari, right click inside the smaller frame and select “Open Frame in New Window”.
  • In Internet Explorer, right click on the “See more 3rd party sign in options”, select” Open in New Window” and on the resulting page, click on “Sign in with an NCBI account” to use NCBI login credentials.

5.  Enter NCBI username and password.  Consider selecting the “Keep me signed in unless I sign out” button.

You should now be logged in to MyNCBI and directed to the PubMed homepage.


We hope this helps!

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