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A Librarian’s Guide to NCBI

DNA Molecule display, Oxford University

Image credit: By net_efekt. License: CC-BY 2.0

I had the wonderful experience of spending March and April enrolled in a new course sponsored by the National Library of Medicine:

A Librarian’s Guide to NCBI

We started with an online preparatory course, which culminated with a week of instruction on NCBI bioinformatics databases at NLM on the NIH Campus in Bethesda.

The course was taught by NCBI staff and Diane Rein, Ph.D., M.L.S., Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology Liaison from the Health Science Library, University at Buffalo.

The goal was to learn how to search within and across the NCBI bioinformatics resources, such as:

Also, we experimented with tools like:

I am interested in finding out more about how members of the UC Davis community are using and learning about these databases.   If you are currently using these databases for your research or want to learn more about them, please consider contacting me:

Amy Studer, Health & Life Sciences Librarian     |    530- 752-1678

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