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2012 JCR Available – Journal Citation Reports

June 21st, 2013 by Mary Wood

RTR2OIQXAccess to the UCD Libraries’ 2007 – 2012 JCR

Thomson Reuters releases the 2012 Journal Citation Reports (JCR)

Journal Citation Reports is published annually in two editions:
JCR Science Edition
contains data about more than 8,000 journals in science and technology.
JCR Social Sciences Edition
contains data about more than 2,600 journals in the social sciences.

The year that you select is the JCR year. All of the data that you see for journals and subject categories come from journal data published in that year.
For example, if you select JCR Science Edition 2012, and you search for a particular journal, you will see the 2012 data for that journal, including:

  • Number of articles published in the journal in 2012
  • Number of citations to that journal from articles published in 2012
  • Impact Factor calculated from 2012 data, and so on


June 19th, 2013 by Mary Wood


2013 AVMA Annual Convention Chicago Illinois

2013 International Conference International Association of  Human-Animal Interaction Organizations

The IAHAIO Conference, July 20-23, will coincide with the AVMA Convention, July 19-23, 2013 in Chicago.

The Chicago convention will celebrate AVMA’s 150th Anniversary, incorporating a variety of resources to celebrate AVMA’s role and highlight the impact on the veterinary profession while honoring 150 years of dedication and achievement.

The International Association of Human Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO) conference, this year held in conjunction with the AVMA, has the theme of “Humans and Animals: the inevitable bond“.

Registration for IAHAIO attendees is being administered through the AVMA. Visit this site to purchase tickets to IAHAIO events.

AVMA 2013 Bannerc

Diseases of Research Animals : DORA

June 13th, 2013 by Mary Wood

The Diseases of Research Animals (DORA)

… is a tool primarily designed to benefit veterinarians, veterinary students and residents involved in the care of animal species commonly used in research…  This site includes relevant information, such as incidence, transmission, clinical signs, pathology and diagnosis.  Figures illustrating clinical presentation and pathology are provided whenever possible to augment descriptions…  it is meant to serve as a basic, solid and readily accessible reference, highlighting some of the most important aspects of the most common diseases of research animals.


developed by University of Missouri, Comparative Medicine Program