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Wildfire smoke effects

October 25th, 2013 by Mary Wood

In light of yesterday’s release of the NRDC report, Wildfire Smoke Affects Communities Distant from Deadly Flames,

and the ongoing wildfires in Australia,

and as an addendum to the US Forest Service site Effects of Smoke Exposure on Firefighter Health,

linked here are PubMed citations to current research on the topic of wildland fire smoke and health:

wildland firefighters  ;  firefighter smoke exposure  ;  wildfire smoke adverse effects


Whitewater-Baldy, Gila National Forest, NM
(AP Photo/U.S. Forest Service, Mark Pater)



Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product, NOAA

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PubMed Commons

October 23rd, 2013 by Mary Wood

PubMed Commons is a system that enables researchers to share their opinions about scientific publications. Researchers can comment on any publication indexed by PubMed, and read the comments of others. PubMed Commons is a forum for open and constructive criticism and discussion of scientific issues. It will thrive with high quality interchange from the scientific community.

PubMed Commons is currently in a closed pilot testing phase, which means that only invited participants can add and view comments in PubMed.


How to Join PubMed Commons
For the current pilot testing phase there is a limited facility for joining that may work for you. Several organizations have provided lists of approved author e-mail addresses. If you are included on the list, you can request an invitation to join. Additional options for joining will be provided in future releases.

In order to complete the process you will also need to have a My NCBI account.

Currently, author information has been compiled from:
NIH extramural programs
NIH intramural programs
Wellcome Trust


PubMed Commons:  Frequently asked questions
..such as  Why can’t I see any comments in PubMed?