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Translational Medicine: Bench to Bedside

Science Reference for Library of Congress announces availability of a new science webcast
The Library of Congress celebrated the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA structure with a panel discussion that included
Nobel Laureate James D. Watson  (in collaboration with other scientists discovered the structure of DNA)
Nobel Laureate Carol Greider, Johns Hopkins Univ (and graduate of Davis Senior High, UCSB, and UCB)
Orla Smith, moderator, managing editor of Science Translational Medicine
The discussion focused on translational medicine, which takes basic scientific discoveries in the laboratory (bench) and uses it in the field (bedside) to produce new drugs, devices and treatment options of cancer and other diseases. The biological processes brought about by understanding the structure of DNA have been opening doors to new medical research and treatments since 1953.
Video also on the Library’s YouTube channel

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