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LAMHDI : Link Animal Models to Human DIsease


As reviewed in Lab Animal  43, 236 (2014)
19 June 2014 | doi:10.1038/laban.564i

LAMHDI : Link Animal Models to Human DIsease
is designed to accelerate the research process by providing biomedical researchers with a simple, comprehensive web-based resource to find the best animal models for their research. A stated goal is “to allow researchers to share information about and access to animal models so they can refine research and testing, and reduce or replace the use of animal models where possible.”

The site is provided by NIH National Center for Research Resources.

LAMHDI Database Search is a search of data from partners, currently including MGI, Mouse Genome Informatics;  ZFIN, Zebrafish Model Organism Database; RGD, Rat Genome Database; SGD, Saccharomyces Genome Database; and FlyBase, Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes. Additional options include a web-search and an extensive list of Featured Resources.


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