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Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum OVAM

June 19th, 2015 by Mary Wood

Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum

The Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum (OVAM) is a compendium of photos, drawings, radiographs and micrographs of animals commonly encountered by veterinary students. The virtual museum is composed of digital materials from more than 15 institutions including veterinary schools in the UK, the rest of Europe, India and Australasia.

The initial project, which developed out of WikiVet, was funded by JISC, a UK registered charity that supports use of digital technologies for education and research.

NIH Notices to enhance reproducibility

June 12th, 2015 by Mary Wood

NIH issues NOTICES on proposed changes in grant application and peer review process


NOT-OD-15-103 proposes changes in four areas deemed critical for enhancing rigor and transparency in NIH-funded research which are addressed in the proposed changes:

The scientific premise of the proposed research
Rigorous experimental design for robust and unbiased results
Consideration of sex and other relevant biological variables
Authentication of key biological and/or chemical resources

NOT-OD-15-102 provides further details on the expectation that investigators factor sex as a biological variable into the research design, analysis, and reporting components of grant applications involving vertebrate animal or human studies.


The updates are currently pending approval by the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). NIH expects to incorporate changes into funding opportunity announcements and the Standard Form 424 (Research and Related) Grant Application Guide in Fall 2015. The revisions will apply to grant applications submitted in January 2016 and beyond. Additionally, peer reviewer training starting in Spring 2016 will include the four highlighted areas of reproducibility.

June 9 blog post by Sally Rockey, NIH Deputy Director for Extramural Research, and Larry Tabak, Principal Deputy Director of NIH

NIH has created a site describing ongoing efforts in rigor and reproducibility.

from AAMC June 12 Washington Highlights

Digital Science visit June 11

June 5th, 2015 by Mary Wood

Digital Science Research Tools presentation 6/11

UC Davis Office of Research and University Library welcome Digital Science, featuring products for collaborative writing and publishing, research management for life science labs, to help analyze and understand the research funding landscape and altmetrics.

Lunch / presentations
Thursday, June 11
12:00 – 1:15 pm
Shields Library, Instruction Room (2nd floor)

Overleaf is a collaborative science publication system that makes the whole process more open and more transparent by bringing the whole scientific process into one place, from idea to writing to review to publication

Labguru marries the electronic lab notebook with project and logistics management. It offers an easy means of tracking projects, protocols, biological collections & materials.

Dimensions for Universities is a funding data aggregator that provides a view on funding resources where the funding has been allocated. The system shows historical awarded grant data from over 70 funders back to 1965 and active grant data up to 2024 and allows institutions to identify emerging areas into which research funding is being channeled

Altmetric tracks article level outputs for your institution. The data in this tool can be used to show faculty, staff and students a richer picture of their online research impact & it allows users to track and measure online activity around academic research.