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Library Search: The New UC Davis Library Catalog Search Tool

September 2nd, 2016 by Amy Studer

Looking for the old UC Davis Harvest Catalog Search?

Library Search, a new UC Davis Library Catalog search tool, rolled out in August replacing Harvest Search.

.Find what you're looking for with the new UC Davis Library Search Tool

Take a look:

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How to Use the New UC Davis Library Catalog Search Tool [short video]

Library Search FAQ

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Just added Vet Med online books

August 31st, 2012 by Deanna Johnson

Radiology of BirdsCanine and Feline CytologySmall Animal Critical Care Medicine

Small animal critical care medicine

Atlas of dental radiography in dogs and cats

Canine and feline cytology

Manual of canine and feline cardiology

Radiology of birds

Slatter’s fundamentals of veterinary ophthalmology

These titles will be added to the Harvest Catalog shortly, or some may already be there.

New Books: View the most recent titles added to CHSL & BML

October 25th, 2010 by Mary Wood

For a list of the newest acquisitions at the Carlson Health Sciences and Blaisdell Medical Libraries, simply click on the following links.
Bookmark the sites, if you would like to check back periodically for the latest updates.chorea


also available online


Blaisdell Medical Library


Carlson Health Sciences Library


Please let us know if you have any questions:


Locating Studies & Reports Referenced in the Mainstream News

July 28th, 2009 by

After hearing or reading about a study or article in the news, you may want to follow up by locating a copy of the publication. This post will outline three approaches for locating a specific study or article when you don’t have the full citation.
As an example, last week the following article introducing UC Davis researchers and their ground-breaking work was reported on the UC Davis School of Medicine website: “Alzheimer’s-causing amyloid and bacteria trigger same immune response in the brain.”

The article was published in the journal, Cell Host & Microbe. So, let’s use the Library’s databases and licensed resources to locate the article.
If you are interested in quickly jumping to the article, it is available to UC Davis students, staff and faculty in full text. Though, not all journal articles are available in full text.

Tükel C, Wilson RP, Nishimori JH, Pezeshki M, Chromy BA, Bäumler AJ. Responses to Amyloids of Microbial and Host Origin Are Mediated through Toll-like Receptor 2. Cell Host & Microbe. 2009;6(1):45-53.

If you would like to join me in locating the article, then read on.
Note: In order to access the article from off campus, students, staff and faculty should login to the VPN (Virtual Private Network) with their Kerberos username and password. If you are on campus or logged into the VPN, you can access the article via UC-eLinks.

Three Routes to Locating the Article:

We had a few clues from the UCDMC website, including that the study was published this past week in Cell Host & Microbe, along with the names of the authors. Our options include searching for the article in PubMed; searching the catalog to see if UC Davis subscribes to the journal or contacting a librarian for assistance.

To access the PubMed database, use the Pubmed icon link on the Health Sciences Libraries website (upper left side of the page) to reach the licensed version which includes the gold UC-eLinks with the UC Davis options for accessing the print version or the full text of articles when available.


Searching Pubmed using the Advanced Search, we should be able to pull up the article using some combination of the bibliographic details (author, date, journal, article, volume, etc.). Once we locate the article, we’ll use the gold UC-eLinks button to see if the online version of the article is available for UC Davis. Yes, this article is available online. In the case that a journal or volume is not available, students, staff and faculty may request articles using the ordering options on the Library’s home page or from the UC eLinks page to receive the article via interlibrary loan/document delivery.

Using Pubmed's Advanced Search and UC-eLinks

Using Pubmed's Advanced Search and UC-eLinks

View the PubMed abstract. The gold UC-eLinks button will only be present if you access the library’s databases via the Library website or through the VPN & Library website.


Search for the Journal title using the drop-down menu option, Journal/Series Title begins. Once you locate the journal, use the online icon/link to reach the UC-eLinks page with options for getting the article online. Articles may be available in PDF and HTML versions. If we do not subscribe to the journal, students, staff and faculty can order the journal online from the Library’s home page or from the UC-eLinks page to receive the article via interlibrary loan/document delivery.

Follow the

When available: use Harvest's 'Online link/icon' to reach the licensed full text version


Contact one of the Librarians at the Blaisdell Medical Library or the Carlson Health Sciences Library.

Are you are logging in from off campus?

Students, staff and faculty, can access the licensed databases and journals using the VPN (Virtual Private Network) and your Kerberos username and password.