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Ruby Cohn Collection

In the previous post I briefly announced the deaths of Erich H. Loewy and Ruby Cohn.   I add here a brief note regarding a major collection that Shields Library received as a gift  from Professor Cohn.  Ruby Cohn was not only a pioneering Samuel Beckett scholar; she also enjoyed friendships not only with Beckett himself but with major theater luminaries like Edward Albee.  She brought a broadly comparative dimension to the study of both theater and drama that made her book collection of great interest. As the selector for French, German, Comparative Literature, Theater,  and Drama, I was delighted to find that her collection included hundreds of items of unique interest and have added them to ours, adding the tag “Ruby Cohn Collection” to the catalog records that appear in the UC Davis Harvest Library catalog, in order to preserve their unity as a collection, if only virtually.

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