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All That is Solid Does Not Melt in the Cloud: Founding a Postcolonial Digital Humanities

March 18th, 2013 by David Michalski

Postcolonial Digital Humanities is an initiative seeking to bring critiques of colonialism, imperialism, and globalization to bear on the digital humanities. Questioning the neutrality of digital codes and systems, this project asks how historic and contemporary colonial relations of race, class, gender, sexuality and disability influence the digital world, the digital archive and libraries of the future.

Led by post-colonial scholars Roopika Risam and Adeline Koh, the Postcolonial Digital Humanities initiative positions itself as “an emergent field of study invested in decolonizing the digital, foregrounding anti-colonial thought, and disrupting salutatory narratives of globalization and technological progress.”
To learn more about this interesting and important work read the group’s FOUNDING PRINCIPLES

an Open Library of Humanities

March 18th, 2013 by David Michalski

Following the model of the Public Library of Sciences (PLoS) a group of Humanities scholars, librarians and technologists are setting up a similar platform for the Humanities, a platform for Open Access publishing that aims to be: “Reputable and respected through rigorous peer review, Sustainable, Digitally preserved and safely archived in perpetuity, Non-profit, Open in both monetary and permission terms, Non-discriminatory, Technically innovative in response to the needs of scholars and librarians”, and in doing so, help to solve the serials crisis caused by unsustainable institutional prices.

To learn more and to get involved visit The Open Library of Humanities:

Open Access in the News

March 18th, 2013 by David Michalski

Lately, it seems like Open Access (OA) has been in the news a lot:

* Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (FASTR)
* The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
* University of California Proposed Open Access Policy

Want to find out more about Open Access? What does it mean? Why do we care about it? What support exists for authors who want to publish OA?

UC Davis Librarians have created a new topic guide to help answer some of your questions about Open Access:

Questions or Comments?

Contact: Amy Studer | | (530) 752-1678

First English translation of Hubert Fichte’s Forschungsbericht

March 11th, 2013 by Michael Winter

Adam Siegel, a librarian in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Government Information Department of Shields Library, has just published the first installment of his translation of Forschungsbericht (Research Report), an ethnographic nonfiction novel by the German writer Hubert Fichte (1935-1986). The initial selection and its sucessors will appear in serial form in the pages of InTranslation. Read the initital installment at:

Get your Library notices via text messages!

March 7th, 2013 by Alison Lanius

1) Library patrons may sign up to receive SMS (text) notifications in addition to email when books arrive, are overdue or recalled.  (excluding items arriving from Interlibrary loan and 2hr loans from Reserves)

2) SMS messages are sent in addition to standard email messages. You cannot opt to receive SMS messages instead of email.  SMS messages may incur carrier charges to patron cellular accounts.

3) Current library users can sign up for SMS through My Account and new users through Activate My Library Card, both via Harvest. If a user wishes to update her SMS contact number or wishes to drop the SMS service, she can opt out via My Account.

Current Library Users
A) Log into My Accounts/Renew books via Harvest
B) Click on Address Update Form link
C) Enter the telephone number where you want to receive text messages in the SMS number field
D Check Receive SMS box to enroll and uncheck Receive SMS box to stop receiving text messages
E) Click on Update to finish the process

New Library Users
A) Click on Activate Your Library Card link and follow instructions
B) Enter the phone number where you want to receive text messages in the SMS number field and check the Receive SMS box