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Games Without Frontiers: Symposium, Library Exhibit, and Much More

April 21st, 2015 by Michael Winter

“Games Without Frontiers” is a multi-faceted initiative sponsored by the Program Committee of the Librarians Association of UC Davis.  It includes a comprehensive Library Exhibit, curated by Roberto Delgadillo, and other supporting materials, including Roberto’s comprehensive bibliography of the growing and increasingly significant “military-entertainment complex,” where gaming technology meets increasingly digitized means of waging war.  On Thursday April 16th the Program Committee also hosted a symposium of invited speakers addressing various aspects of this topic.  (For a response to and review reporting on and assessing the events of the symposium, see the recent review by Stephanie Maroney of the Davis Humanities Institute.) Interested parties should be sure to read the excellent and provocative introductory essay written especially for the occasion by Chris Hables Gray, one of the Symposium’s speakers.

On Display: Reimaging the Peter J. Shields Library

February 14th, 2012 by David Michalski

Step into Peter J. Shields Library and you may see the future. On display in the lobby are architectural renderings of a potential library-to-come, visions conceived and illustrated by UC Davis architecture students.
Professor Mark Kessler (teaching Design 180A) has created a course that focuses attention on the real world challenges of designing the research library of tomorrow. One of the assignments in his course encourages his students to make better use of the front of the library: the entrance, the lobby, stair case and first and second floor spaces. The students studied existing plans, researched the library design and architecture literature, observed the social use of our spaces, and interviewed librarians and library users to come up with designs that might accommodate the multiple, and sometimes, competing demands of an academic library.

The results of this assignment are on display. Come see how this talented group of students imagined a redesigned Peter J. Shields and let us know what you think as we plan the research library of tomorrow.

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