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Richard N. Schwab Papers

June 22nd, 2014 by Michael Winter

Richard N. Schwab taught in the history department at UC, Davis. The two linear feet of papers he donated to the Shields Library Department of Special Collections relate specifically to his lifelong work on the French Encyclopedia of Diderot and D’Alembert–or, as it is more formally known, Encyclopedie, ou Dictionnaire raisonne des sciences, des arts et des metiers, which appeared in fascicles and then eventually as bound volumes between 1751 and 1765. Special Collections also owns an original 17 volume edition of this work, along with the numerous supplementary volumes of engraved illustrations/plates accompanying the text, as well as  other supplementary material issued along with the original text and plates.

Schwab’s contributions to the study of the Encyclopedie and indeed the study of the Enlightenment more generally are much too numerous to mention here, though it should be noted that he produced the English translation of the Preliminary discourse to the Encyclopedia contributed by D’Alembert.  A number of years ago Professor Schwab also began a fruitful collaboration with the University of Chicago and the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, and participated in the eventual issue of a digital version of this landmark reference work.

Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) Performing Arts

October 3rd, 2013 by Michael Winter

Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) Performing Arts provides digital resources related to music, dance, theater, radio, film, television, and performance. AHDS is part of the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute (HATII) at the University of Glasgow. AHDS supports researchers, teachers, and students in the collection and creation of digital materials.

Ruby Cohn Collection

November 2nd, 2011 by Michael Winter

In the previous post I briefly announced the deaths of Erich H. Loewy and Ruby Cohn.   I add here a brief note regarding a major collection that Shields Library received as a gift  from Professor Cohn.  Ruby Cohn was not only a pioneering Samuel Beckett scholar; she also enjoyed friendships not only with Beckett himself but with major theater luminaries like Edward Albee.  She brought a broadly comparative dimension to the study of both theater and drama that made her book collection of great interest. As the selector for French, German, Comparative Literature, Theater,  and Drama, I was delighted to find that her collection included hundreds of items of unique interest and have added them to ours, adding the tag “Ruby Cohn Collection” to the catalog records that appear in the UC Davis Harvest Library catalog, in order to preserve their unity as a collection, if only virtually.

Erich H. Loewy, Ruby Cohn

November 2nd, 2011 by Michael Winter

The obituaries of two former UC Davis faculty members, both very well-known scholars, ran in yesterday’s Sacramento Bee (Tuesday November 1, 2011). Erich H. Loewy (b. 1927) was the founding chairman of the UCD Medical Center’s Bioethics Program, and was an internationally known expert in health care ethics.  Erich was also a Nazi-era refugee who emigrated from Austria, first with his parents to England, and later on his own to the United States.   Ruby Cohn (b. 1922) taught comparative drama for a number of years at UC Davis and was a pioneering Samuel Beckett scholar. When her first article on Beckett was rejected by an academic journal in 1959, the editors commented that they liked the paper, but concluded that “your author does not merit publishing space.”

New Library Subject Guide for Performance Studies

March 29th, 2010 by Michael Winter

The new library subject guide can be found on library’s subject guide page under Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences/Interdisciplinary Humanities & Social Sciences. See

Or, go directly to tne new page at