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Synthesis Update from Morgan & Claypool Publishers

Synthesis Digital Library Update for August and September, 2012
The following new titles were published in August and September.

  • The Answer Machine, by Susan E. Feldman.
    (Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services Series)
  • Capstone Design Courses, Part II: Preparing Biomedical Engineers for the Real World, by Jay R. Goldberg, Marquette University.
    (Biomedical Engineering Series)
  • Cardiac Tissue Engineering: Principles, Materials, and Applications, by Emil Ruvinov, Yulia Sapir, and Smadar Cohen, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.
    (Tissue Engineering Series)
  • Cyber Foraging: Bridging Mobile and Cloud Computing, by Jason Flinn, University of Michigan.
    (Mobile and Pervasive Computing Series)
  • Distributed Computing by Oblivious Mobile Robots, by Paola Flocchini (University of Ottawa), Giuseppe Prencipe (University of Pisa, Italy), and Nicola Santoro (Carleton University).
    (Distributed Computing Theory Series)
  • Energy-Efficient Scheduling under Delay Constraints for Wireless Networks, by Randall Berry (Northwestern University), Eytan Modiano (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Murtaza Zafer (IBM Research).
    (Communication Networks Series)
  • Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice, by Marco Brambilla (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Jordi Cabot (École des Mines de Nantes, France), Manuel Wimmer (Vienna University of Technology, Austria).
    (Software Engineering Series)
  • Natural Language Processing for Historical Texts, by Michael Piotrowski, Leibniz Institute of European History, Germany.
    (Human Language Technologies Series)
  • Signal Processing for Solar Array Monitoring, Fault Detection, and Optimization, by Mahesh Banavar, et al.
    (Power Electronics Series)
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