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ACM moves towards offering OA options

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), which is the preeminent computer science professional society and publisher, announced this week that they are going to begin offering alternatives for authors who want to make their ACM-accepted articles open access in the ACM Digital Library. Under the current publishing copyright agreement, authors transfer copyright and distribution rights to the ACM, but are able to post author-prepared copies of their articles to their personal websites. In future the ACM will also have two publishing agreement alternatives: a more detailed publishing agreement for those who want to retain copyright, and an author-pays open access model, where the author will pay a fee for publication and their article in the DL will be free to everyone (the fee has not yet been set).

The ACM also noted changes for SIGs who produce conference proceedings; they can now choose to make their proceedings OA around the time of the conference or for the most recent conference. Full details for all of the new choices, which are still under development by the ACM, are in an editorial in this month’s CACM.

It’s worth noting that under the current publishing agreement, in addition to posting pre-publication copies on their own websites authors also have the right to deposit pre-publication copies of their articles in an institutional repository. The UC’s eScholarship repository is available for any UC Davis authors who wish to do so.  The ACM also maintains the “Author-izer” service, which enables authors who register to acquire unique links for their papers in the DL, which authors can then use on their personal webpages to allow anyone to download the definitive DL version of the paper for free.

For help or questions regarding eScholarship, Author-izer, the ACM Digital Library, or copyright and publication, contact Phoebe Ayers, CS Librarian:


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