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New Geospatial Consulting Service for UCD Campus

Geospatial Consulting @ UC Davis is available to help the researchers of UC Davis with geospatial questions and projects. Like the services provided by the Stats Lab for addressing statistical questions, Geospatial Consulting offers campus researchers and programs a way to work with experienced geospatial analysts to complete GIS, GPS, mapping, or spatial modeling projects, small or large.

The major goals of the service include providing members of the campus community with expertise and rapid turnaround on geospatial analyses and visualizations that require special expertise but do not warrant a regular research agreement or grant, and enabling graduate students and young geospatial professionals opportunities and funding in diverse and challenging applications.

Prospective clients should visit Geospatial Consulting’s website to read about the services offered and to submit a project request form. Once a client submits a request, an analyst will consult with the client, and develop an estimate for the scope and cost of the work. After the initial consultation, costs are based on the number of hours required to complete a project plus any expenses accrued in acquiring data or printing maps.

Geospatial Consulting @ UC Davis is administered through the Department of Environmental Science and Policy, overseen by Professor James Quinn at the Information Center for the Environment, and the day-to-day activities are administered by Michele Tobias, a postdoctoral scholar. The service anticipates hiring graduate students as consultants as the number of requests for project assistance grows.

Researchers seeking help with geospatial projects should contact the service through its website:

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