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Off-campus Access to Library Resources (new VPN Client)

Current UC Davis students, faculty and staff can access licensed library resources from off-campus using one of the three options below.  As of 9/19 a new VPN Client is available.


*Web VPN:   Easiest option.  Allows you to log in to the VPN without installing software, but only the browser window you used to log in can access online resources.   To log in to the Web VPN, click the “Use the VPN” link on the library webpages (left side), or go to  Enter your UC Davis login ID and passphrase (Kerberos login).    Known issues/problems with Web VPN.


*Client VPN:   Most comprehensive option.  New as of Fall 2013.  Requires installation of software.  All browser windows are able to access online resources (but is not currently working for all browsers).  For information and installation instructions, click the “Use the VPN” link,  or see:


*Proxy Server:   Use if neither the Web VPN or Client VPN will work for you.  Requires one time alteration of your browser settings, then logging each time you wish to use it.  For information see:


If you have questions or problems accessing online resources from off-campus, please contact a Library Reference desk.

Link to VPN:

Link to VPN Help:

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