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Why IEEE Xplore is better than Google

February 3rd, 2016 by Cory Craig

Why IEEE Xplore is better than Google  (4 Minute video)



The IEEE Xplore Digital Library covers electrical engineering, computer science and electronics and provides access to scientific and technical content published by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

If you need help with IEEE Xplore, contact the PSE Library Reference Desk, Mon-Fri 1-5pm

* by email:

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Not working in electrical engineering?  See the:  full list of Physical Sciences & Engineering databases or PSE Subject Guides to find the best database for your discipline.

July IEEE & MIT Press – eBook Alert

July 16th, 2014 by Robert Heyer-Gray

New eBooks from IEEE and MIT press on the IEEE Xplore Digital Library platform for the month of July include:


June IEEE & MIT Press – eBook Alert

June 3rd, 2014 by Robert Heyer-Gray

New eBooks from IEEE and MIT press on the IEEE Xplore Digital Library platform for the month of June include:

Design and Fabrication of Self-Powered Micro-Harvesters:Rotating and Vibrated Micro-Power Systems
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Copyright Year: 2013

Fundamentals of Electric Power Engineering:From Electromagnetics to Power Systems
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Copyright Year: 2014

Fundamentals of the Physical Theory of Diffraction
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Copyright Year: 2014

The Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm (MLFMA) for Solving Large-Scale Computational Electromagnetics Problems
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Copyright Year: 2014

Power Electronic Converters for Microgrids
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Copyright Year: 2014

May IEEE & MIT Press – eBook Alert

May 5th, 2014 by Robert Heyer-Gray

New eBooks from IEEE and MIT press on the IEEE Xplore Digital Library platform for the month of May include:














MIT Press books available via IEEE Xplore

May 30th, 2013 by Robert Heyer-Gray

MIT Press eBooks Library is now available via the IEEE Xplore platform:

The MIT Press eBooks Library provides:

  • – Access to more than 450 titles, with approximately 40 new titles to be introduced each year
  • – Cutting-edge titles focusing on computing and engineering innovations
  • – More than 70% of titles in computing-related fields, such as computer science, artificial intelligence, information theory, and computer programming
  • – Approximately 10,000 individual chapters available in PDF
  • – Rigorous review process ensuring titles are relevant and high quality
  • – Numerous titles winning the American Publishers Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence (PROSE)
  • – Advanced search capabilities by title, keyword, or subject to quickly find and download relevant chapters within books

IEEE Xplore Digital Library Upgrade Scheduled for 1 June

May 27th, 2011 by Robert Heyer-Gray
IEEE Xplore® Digital Library

On Wednesday, 1 June 2011, IEEE will implement an upgrade to the IEEE Xplore digital library. There is no scheduled downtime during this upgrade.

There are many new enhancements planned:

NEW VDE VERLAG Conference Proceedings: IEEE has partnered with one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe VDE VERLAG in a partnership that integrates VDE’s conference proceedings into IEEE Xplore. This brings important content into IEEE Xplore from conferences that were not available to subscribers before.

IEL and POP ALL customers will receive complimentary, unlimited access to the VDE VERLAG conference proceedings. This includes 3,100 VDE conference papers from 20+ annual conference titles, with 1,000 new articles being added every year

Sort search results by “Most Cited”: This upgrade includes a new feature to IEEE Xplore that will allow you to sort your search results by “Most Cited”. Also, you will also see the article’s citation count in the article metadata. Find articles of high impact quickly with this new feature.

See more search results with provides a federated search of content from 15 leading scholarly society publishers in science and technology . Now, you can quickly and easily perform your search in IEEE Xplore and also see further relevant results from based on your search terms.

New HTML View for eBooks OPAC list: With this upgrade, a dedicated web page has been created for eBooks OPAC that includes both the HTML persistent link list as well as the Excel versions.

OpenURL now available for eBooks: Customers with OpenURL activated on their account will now find OpenURL links next to eBook chapters. This facilitates linking to the institution’s library to discover whether your library already has access to the book chapter.

IEEE Xplore Upgrade

April 12th, 2011 by Robert Heyer-Gray
IEEE Xplore® Digital Library

Dear IEEE Xplore subscriber:

Tomorrow, 13 April 2011, IEEE will implement an upgrade to the IEEE Xplore digital library. There is no scheduled downtime during this upgrade.

There are many new enhancements included:

NEW IEEE Standards Dictionary Online: The IEEE Standards Dictionary provides a single, complete source of IEEE standards terms and definitions. Prior to this release, it was only available in IEEE Xplore as a PDF document and was included in IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) and IEEE Standards Online All Inclusive, All IT, All Power & Energy and All Telecom subscriptions. The current PDF version was published in the year 2000 and will become an “archived” standard in IEEE Xplore with the introduction of the new online standards dictionary.

The NEW IEEE Standards Dictionary Online is interactive, easily searchable and updated frequently and is still included in the previously mentioned subscription packages as well as a separate subscription. With this subscription, the standards terms will be integrated into the abstract page of the standard to give you easy access to the terms and definitions included in your standard of interest. You will also be able to browse or search the full collection of dictionary terms.

Please visit the IEEE Standards Dictionary webpage or contact your account manager to learn more about the IEEE Standards Dictionary Online.

Complete List of Citations Added to Journal Article Abstracts (including other publishers): The IEEE Xplore journal article abstract currently displays a list of other IEEE documents that have cited the article. In this release, we will start to include a list of all articles that have cited the document from any publisher participating in CrossRef’s Cited-By Linking program.  This information will be added for all IEEE journal articles and goes as far back as 1929.  You can then link to CrossRef to find the listed article.

More References Added to Conference Paper Abstracts: In an effort to provide the most complete data available for our content, we have expanded our presentation of references on the conference abstract page. We’ve begun by adding the references for any conference paper from 2007-2009 and will continue to add more of this data over time.

Addition of IEEE Index Terms: IEEE has a dedicated abstracting and indexing team which has developed a comprehensive set of IEEE index terms. These terms will now be included on the abstract page under the “Index Terms” section for all IEEE journals and conference papers.

Now More “Most Popular” Terms: We have extended the number of “Most Popular” IEEE Xplore search terms displayed on our “What’s Popular” page to 25 terms.

Thank you for subscribing to IEEE Xplore. We look forward to bringing you additional enhancements in the future.

Please feel free to contact me or your account manager with any questions.


IEEE Customer Center

Upcoming training webinars for the IEEE Xplore Digital Library

December 9th, 2010 by Robert Heyer-Gray

IEEE is dedicated to bringing you the most cutting-edge technology information through the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Training webinars offer the opportunity to learn the best practices in searching the IEEE Xplore Digital Library as well as getting quick demonstrations of new features.

Register today for any of the upcoming online training webinars for the IEEE Xplore digital library. For the full schedule, including times, please visit the link below.

Register for IEEE Xplore Training Sessions

Schedule of upcoming training sessions – Please note we update the website regularly with dates and times, so check back often!

Strategies for Using IEEE Xplore
>> December 10, 14
>> January 4, 5, 19
>> February 8, 10, 22

Strategies for Using IEEE Xplore – India
>> December 20
>> January 3
>> February 7
>> March 7

Strategies for Using IEEE Xplore – China
>> December 24
>> January 14
>> February 25
>> March 11

Using IEEE Standards in IEEE Xplore
>> February 10

Using IEEE Enterprise in IEEE Xplore
>> February 22

Learn about the new IEEE eLearning Library
>> January 20

If you any questions regarding the training, please contact me at

IEEE goes Mobile

June 17th, 2010 by Robert Heyer-Gray

IEEE Xplore Mobile, which gives users the ability to conveniently perform searches of over two million technical documents with any mobile device connected to the Internet, has officially come out of beta this week.

IEEE Xplore Mobile is still a completely free service.
Try it Today:

New features include:

  • Refine basic searches by using the “search within results” feature or
    by using subject filters found at the bottom of the results page.
  • A predictive type-ahead feature, that suggests searches as you type,
    is available for mobile devices that are JavaScript-enabled.
  • All results you would find on the classic IEEE Xplore for abstracts
    and citations are displayed ten at a time by relevancy.
  • Some users at subscribing institutions will be able to access full-text
    PDF documents using a Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device. Sign in to the
    Wi-Fi at any institution with an active IP authenticated subscription
    and receive full-text access, based on the subscription terms.

Read the Full Press Release

New Content and Services Now Available from IEEE Xplore

June 24th, 2009 by Robert Heyer-Gray

With the latest release of IEEE Xplore (v.2.7), IEEE announced a partnership with two of the leading physics organizations, the American Institute of Physics (AIP) and the AVS. Five of their journals have been incorporated into IEEE Xplore. The five journals are:

* Applied Physics Letters (AIP)
* Journal of Applied Physics (AIP)
* Review of Scientific Instruments (AIP)
* JVST A: Vacuum, Surfaces and Films (AVS)
* JVST B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures (AVS)

From within IEEE Xplore, it is not clear that UC Davis has online access to these titles…which we do. When selecting the pdf from any of these titles, be sure to use the UC-eLinks option null to retrieve the full-text.

IEEE Xplore Mobile (Beta)

IEEE Xplore Mobile (Beta) allows users to quickly access IEEE Xplore digital library articles from any web-enabled phone by simply visiting on your phone’s browser. Using this service will allow you to:

* Search IEEE Xplore on the go
* Retrieve the top 10 search results for your query along with full article abstracts
* E-mail the individual results to yourself or your users