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Coming May 29th…Open Access Presentation by the Publisher of PeerJ

What’s All the Fuss About Open Access? What Do I Need to Know, and How Does it Benefit Me?

Join us for a presentation by Pete Binfield (previously the Publisher of PLoS One, and now the Publisher and Co-Founder of PeerJ) as he provides an overview of the current landscape of  Open Access publications; highlights some of the more innovative models that are being tested in the marketplace; talks about items such as article level metrics and open peer review, and shows how these new developments can benefit you as both a researcher and author.

Click on image to read about Pete Binfield

  • Date:  May 29, 2013
  • Time: 3-4 pm
  • Place: 1065 Kemper Hall

Hosted by UC Davis Library.  Contact:

Amy Studer, Health & Life Science Librarian    |    (530) 752-1678

Slides from the May 29th presentation…PeerJ Presentation by Pete Binfield May 2013


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