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Altmetrics: theme of ISQ summer issue

Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ)
Summer 2013 Volume 25, no. 2

Topic: Altmetrics


Table of Contents (selected)

Consuming Article-Level Metrics: Observations and Lessons
by Scott Chamberlain

Institutional Altmetrics and Academic Libraries
by Robin Chin Roemer and Rachel Borchardt

Altmetrics in Evolution: Defining & Redefining the Ontology of Article-Level Metrics
by Jennifer Lin and Martin Fenner

Exploring the Boundaries: How Altmetrics Can Expand Our Vision of Scholarly Communication and Social Impact
by Mike Taylor

Social Signals Reflect Academic Impact: What it Means When a Scholar Adds a Paper to Mendeley
by William Gunn

Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) is NISO’s print and electronic magazine for communicating standards-based technology and best practices in library, publishing, and information technology.

ISQ is available in open access to the public. Both the full issue and individual articles can be downloaded in PDF. Visit the Contents page of each issue for the full list of available articles and links to their download pages.



ASIS&T Bulletin
Association for Information Science and Technology
April/May 2013, v.39, no.43

Altmetrics:  What, Why and Where?

Table of contents (selected)

The Power of Altmetrics on a CV
by Heather Piwowar and Jason Priem

Open Access and Altmetrics: Distinct but Complementary
by Ross Mounce

Ask Not What Altmetrics Can Do for You, But What Altmetrics Can Do for Developing Countries
by Juan Pablo Alperin

New Opportunities for Repositories in the Age of Altmetrics
by Stacy Konkiel and Dave Scherer

The Many Faces of Article-Level Metrics
by Jennifer Lin and Martin Fenner

Five Challenges in Altmetrics:  A Toolmaker’s Perspective
by Jean Liu and Euan Adie

Are Alternative Metrics Still Alternative?
by Mike Buschman and Andrea Michalek

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