The UC Libraries announce the re-launch of the University of California Library Reprints website:

The UC Libraries have digitized thousands of public domain books from their collections through partnerships with Internet Archive and Google. Many of these books are now available on the University of California Library Reprints website for purchase in reprinted editions, or to download for free.

The reprints service offers titles from various UC collections:

  • * children’s books,
  • * Italian comedies,
  • * rare business and economics texts,
  • * vintage cookbooks,
  • * mathematics texts,
  • * foreign language books, and
  • * surprises from rare books collections at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Bancroft Library

Find out more on the UC Library Reprints website,

This blog entry is revised from this CDLINFO News item:

Christenson, H. (2013, October 8).  The richness of the UC Libraries revealed in reprints.  CDLINFO News [blog].  Accessed October 8, 2013, from