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Innovation in Scholarly Communication, ICIS

December 17th, 2013 by Mary Wood

The Innovation in Scholarly Communication (ICIS) project is a collaboration between Mario Biagioli (School of Law), MacKenzie Smith (University Library) and Jonathan Eisen (Genome Center).  In collaboration with colleagues from departments across campus, focus will be on three sets of issues:

1) New Models of Scholarly Communication
2) New Misconduct and New Opportunities
3) Communicating with Data

It is funded by the UC Davis Interdisciplinary Frontiers in the Humanities and the Arts (IFHA) Program.

“Powerful changes are affecting traditional systems of research publication, academic credit, research quality assessment, and the meaning of “publication”:  the increasing scale and interdisciplinary nature of collaborations; the growing reliance on cyberinfrastructure for producing and disseminating research; the impact of Open Access models and economic dysfunction on traditional publishing; the transformation of data from evidence for research results to research output itself; new metrics of impact; new forms of misconduct and detection; doubts about peer review as quality guarantor; the impact of intellectual property on the content and timing of publications.”



Publish or Perish 2014


..Inaugural ICIS Meeting

..Publish or perish?
..The future of academic publishing and careers
.February 13–14, 2013
.Student Community Center, UC Davis


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UC Copyright: Policies and Resources

December 9th, 2013 by Mary Wood

UC Copyright Education Web Site

 A Resource for the University of California Community

“…As both creators and users of copyrighted and public domain materials, it is vital that the University of California faculty, students, and staff understand and responsibly exercise the rights accorded them under the copyright law, particularly now in light of new technologies and laws that challenge long-standing educational and library exemptions and interpretations.

…It is a direct outgrowth of the University Standing Committee on Copyright… to improve the quality and delivery of copyright information, education, and support services available to the UC community.

This site serves as an educational resource for the UC community. The site assembles a wide range of materials related to the use of copyrighted and public domain materials by individuals and educational institutions. The information on this site is intended as a guide to copyright in the academic setting and should not be construed as legal advice.”

Copyright Ownershipcopyrightheader

Using copyrighted works

PeerJ: Free submission until Jan 1, 2014

December 2nd, 2013 by Amy Studer
PeerJ has announced that authors can now publish their work in PeerJ, entirely for free, through end-2013.
” We are pleased to announce that from now through the end of 2013, any article that is submitted to PeerJ PrePrints (including any articles which have already been submitted there) can go on to be published in PeerJ (the journal) entirely for free (assuming it passes peer review and assuming you initiate the PeerJ submission process before Jan 1st 2014). “