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Innovation in Scholarly Communication, ICIS

The Innovation in Scholarly Communication (ICIS) project is a collaboration between Mario Biagioli (School of Law), MacKenzie Smith (University Library) and Jonathan Eisen (Genome Center).  In collaboration with colleagues from departments across campus, focus will be on three sets of issues:

1) New Models of Scholarly Communication
2) New Misconduct and New Opportunities
3) Communicating with Data

It is funded by the UC Davis Interdisciplinary Frontiers in the Humanities and the Arts (IFHA) Program.

“Powerful changes are affecting traditional systems of research publication, academic credit, research quality assessment, and the meaning of “publication”:  the increasing scale and interdisciplinary nature of collaborations; the growing reliance on cyberinfrastructure for producing and disseminating research; the impact of Open Access models and economic dysfunction on traditional publishing; the transformation of data from evidence for research results to research output itself; new metrics of impact; new forms of misconduct and detection; doubts about peer review as quality guarantor; the impact of intellectual property on the content and timing of publications.”



Publish or Perish 2014


..Inaugural ICIS Meeting

..Publish or perish?
..The future of academic publishing and careers
.February 13–14, 2013
.Student Community Center, UC Davis


..ICIS Blog



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