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Look Familiar???

August 26th, 2011 by Jenny Hodge

In honor of Women’s Equality Day we’d like to ask, do you recognize these women?  What we know is that this undated photograph is from the School of Veterinary Medicine.  The school of VetMed began teaching courses in 1948 to a then all male student body, today almost 80 percent of the students are women pursuing careers in veterinary medicine.  We’d like to know who were these students and when were they at UCDavis?  What kind of lab work are they doing?  Can any details about their work be gleaned from the photograph?  Please comment on this photograph from the University Archives (UAP-02433).

UC Davis Traditions: Labor Day

August 25th, 2011 by Sara Gunasekara

Starting today we are launching a series of posts on UC Davis traditions. Be sure to visit our blog often to learn about the many campus traditions, some of which continue to this day. Here is the first installment.

Labor Day
In 1915, University Farm students initiated an annual “Labor Day” event where they conducted volunteer work on campus improvements. They drew inspiration from UC Berkeley, which had started the event in 1897. The first Labor Day projects at Davis included the construction of athletic fields, fences, and walks. Later the event became a leap year activity, taking place on February 29.

Subsequent projects included: installation of an irrigation system for the new grass lawn on the Quad (1932); assistance with digging the hole for the swimming pool by the new gymnasium (1936), and cleaning up Putah Creek in preparation for plantings in the arboretum (1940).

The last traditional leap year Labor Day was held in 1964. Activities included the demolition of the thirty year old cashier’s building, construction of bleachers for the relocated horse arena, painting of the football bleachers and baseball dugouts, improvements of recreational areas along Putah Creek, and planting of trees in Orchard Park.

Below is an image from the University Archives Photographs from Labor Day on February 29, 1956. For this Labor Day, Aggies painted the Rec Hall, tore down the garage east of the Home Economics building to make way for a new parking lot, and repaired and constructed Picnic Day booths.

Labor Day, 1956 February 29

Look Familiar???

August 19th, 2011 by Jenny Hodge

Do you recognize these people?  The only information we have about this undated photo is that it is from a homecoming event.  Who were these former Aggie athletes?  When did they play football?  Was there a reason they were in attendance for this particular homecoming event?  We had great success in a previous Look Familiar??? post identifying the people in the photo and hopefully former Aggie athletes and fans can help with this photo too!

San Francisco Mime Troupe performs in Davis on Sept. 10

August 16th, 2011 by Sara Gunasekara

The San Francisco Mime Troupe will perform, “2012 — The Musical!,” in Davis on Saturday, September 10 and in Sacramento on Sunday, September 11. Details about the local performances are below. More information about the Mime Troupe and this year’s performance can be found on their website.

Special Collections hold the archives of the San Fransisco Mime Troupe. A finding aid for the collection can be found here.

Look Familiar???

August 12th, 2011 by Jenny Hodge

Do you recognize these people?  This lab? The equipment? What experiment could these gentlemen be conducting or rather what scientific discover was made which warranted a posed photograph? Once again we have loosely identified (engineering) photograph  and we are looking to you to fill in the details.  Please comment on this photograph from the University Archives (UAP-02268).