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Look Familiar???

January 27th, 2012 by Jenny Hodge

This week’s photograph features The Putah Croakers! Based on this photograph they are some sort of troupe that put on stage plays, musical numbers and other sorts of vaudevillian performances.  We can gather they took their name from Putah Creek but that’s about all.  Who were these performers?  Were they a campus group that continually welcomed and grew with new members or was this an outside group that performed on campus? When were they active?  If you have any memories or guesses as to the history of this photograph from the University Archives please comment!

Look Familiar???

January 20th, 2012 by Jenny Hodge

This weeks post highlights unknown people, in an unknown field of science performing an unknown experiment.  The two people in the photograph are staring intensely as they measure/ record/ perform (?) some sort of test or experiment.  So if you know who they are, or what they are doing please comment.  We’d love to get some information on this undated photograph from the University Archives.

Recently Processed Collections

January 17th, 2012 by Sara Gunasekara

Special Collections announces that the following collections have been processed during February 17, 2011-January 6, 2012 and now have finding aids on the Online Archive of California (OAC). To view any of these finding aids, click on the collection name which will automatically take you to finding aid on the OAC site. To view the list of all UCD finding aids on OAC, click here.

Allewelt, William F. Papers

Akins, Samuel. Papers

Bainbridge, David. Papers

Big Little Books Collection

C.H. Street and Co. Scrapbooks Collection

Craig, Edward Gordon. Collection

Del Rio Winery Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Halberstadt, Milton. Papers and Photographs

Hays, Peter L. Papers

Henchey, Paul L. Photographs

Heringer, Robert. Recollections of Clarksburg, California

Herrington, Fred S. Menu Collection

Li, Jon. Papers

Maria y Campos de Armando Collection

Mazarinades Collection

Miller, Loye. Typescripts

Nevada Theatre Collection

Nursery and Seed Catalog Collection

Nyhus, Paul O. Papers

Open Ring Galleries Records

Owens, Rochelle. Papers

Peattie, Noel. Papers

Power, Robert H. Collection

Prokopovitch, Nikola P. Papers

Quire, Joseph H. Papers Relating to Peter J. Shields

Rothchild, Donald S. Writings

Tomes, Joseph. Papers

Underground Comic Book Collection

Happy 50th Birthday, College of Engineering!

January 11th, 2012 by Sara Gunasekara

In 2012, the College of Engineering celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

Here’s an excerpt from Abundant Harvest about the early years of the College of Engineering:

“In 1959-60, the Kerr Commission determined that California needed an additional engineering school and that Davis was the logical site. Authorized as a separate college in 1962, the College of Engineering initially functioned as a single unit without separate departments. Roy Bainer, who had been on campus since 1929, became the first dean of the college. The first year there were 200 undergraduate students, 42 graduate students, 20 faculty members, and about 100 classes.”

Today the College of Engineering has 8 academic departments, 15 undergraduate majors, 10 graduate programs, 201 faculty members, 3,460 undergraduates, 1,250 graduate students, and 21,000 alumni.

Governor Pat Brown (right) visits the Agricultural Engineering Department. Coby Lorenzen on left, 1965.