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Look Familiar???

Everyone likes to leave a reminder that they were “here” at one point or another. This photograph from the University Archives is a perfect example. Numerous names, dates and locations cover the walls of this dorm room? rec room? hallway? Some of the sections have been enlarged so you can make out the reminders these occupants of Rm. 333 left behind for future generations.  We’d love to hear stories about these men, the location, as well as the what, when, why and how this tradition started. Do these signatures still exist? Do any dorms today have a similar tradition? Have you left your mark anywhere? Please share any information or memories you remember.


One Response to “Look Familiar???”

  1. I think that everyone who ever lived in a dorm or any srot of boarding house or even shared room, would attest for leaving such marks at least ones. I remember when I was younger and was working on creating my unique signature, I used to love and leave it on any possible surface :) I guess it is just a way to demonstrate our existence on that Earth and when I have been trying to read the different names and dates in the room I am occupying now, I have wondered the same things as you and have been thinking over the current life of the person left his name actually.Interesting idea for post!