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Look Familiar???

Finals are here and at this time of year all over campus classrooms are full as students prepare to be tested on all they’ve learned in the past quarter. The image below is from the University Archives and is of a classroom of students doing just that. Can you identify this classroom? Any guesses as to what year this may have been taken? Which subject is being taught?

Whether you’ve been diligently taking notes and studying all year or procrastinating til the last possible moment, be sure to take advantage of the library. Not only does it house classroom resources it is also a great location for a study break nap! The image below, again from the University Archives, is of a student taking that necessary shut eye, possibly in the library. Where is your favorite place to take a study break during finals?


2 Responses to “Look Familiar???”

  1. Paul Zindel says:

    THAT’S ME!

    Which makes this 1980 – 1984 in 194 Chem.

    (Seriously, that is me in the picture)

  2. Lee Riggs says:

    Top photo is Chem 194, I spent many a day in there! Looks to be from around 1978-1985. Library staffer Paul Zindel is sitting in aisle seat, second row from bottom.