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V&E lectures from 1973 now available online

May 30th, 2012 by Sara Gunasekara

Special Collections has been pleased to work on a project that makes the historic Viticulture and Enology lectures of Professor Maynard Amerine from his course, VEN 125 Wine Types and Sensory Evaluation, available for viewing. Acting University Librarian Randolph Siverson was instrumental in recognizing the significance of the lectures and made it a priority to have the old format films transferred to digital files.

Daryl Morrison, Head of Special Collections, oversaw the project and Collections Manager Sara Gunasekara tracked the safe movement of the original tapes and digital files, gave direction to the conversion lab, and provided support throughout the project activities.

This collaborative project included staff from other library departments. Wine and Food Librarian Axel Borg initially received the videotapes from the Viticulture and Enology Department, promoted the project, and viewed the lectures and created the website text. Systems Department Head Dale Snapp and his staff including Hector Villicana, Sean Robbins, and Luis Canales provided technical assistance, web programming and video encoding support. Michael Colby, Head of Original Monograph Cataloging, created a MARC catalog record.

The lectures, which were originally filmed in Winter Quarter 1973, were reformatted from original 1/2″ open reels to digital files by the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) in 2012 for Special Collections.

The fifteen class lectures can be viewed on the Special Collections website.

Commencement, 1952

May 30th, 2012 by Sara Gunasekara

In celebration of commencement season, here is an image from the University Archives Photographs of Commencement from sixty years ago.

Here are some facts and figures about campus in 1952:

– 1,068 undergraduates

– 323 graduate students

– Stanley Freeborn was named Provost of the Davis campus.

– University Concert Band was formed.

– First graduates of the School of Veterinary Medicine.

– First faculty appointments in the College of Letters and Sciences.

– The following Departments were established: Geology, History, Physics, & Agricultural Economics.

Best wishes to all of the 2012 UC Davis graduates!

Commencement, Perry Riley, Bachelor of Science speaker 1952 June 18

Look Familiar???

May 11th, 2012 by Jenny Hodge

It’s time for the Whole Earth Festival! Today’s photograph from the University Archives is of a very familiar structure to the Whole Earth Festival (WEF). This photograph taken during the setup for the 1980 WEF is of one of the domes to be used by the Karma Patrol. This year you can spot this same dome on the quad operating as a center for the Karma Patrol of today. Do any of these people look familar? Who were the planners and organizers of the 1980 WEF or of any of the decades past festivals? What aspects, structures and operations have changed since the inception of the Whole Earth Festival? We welcome your comments and thoughts.

Whole Earth Festival 1980- Karma Patrol

May is National Bike Month

May 1st, 2012 by Sara Gunasekara

In celebration of May is National Bike Month, here is an image from the University Archives Photographs of bicycles on campus. Our post from last year, mentions some of our bicycle and bicycling collections.

Two women riding bicycles, five pedestrians, on wet concrete outside of the Memorial Union, 1960