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Chronicles of Mr. Spud

September 27th, 2012 by Jenny Hodge

Ready for the start of a new school year!

Another school year begins.

September 27th, 2012 by Jenny Hodge

Students are back and classes have started! Summer is behind us and the student population has exploded as the hustle and bustle of the academic year takes over once more. Freshman welcome to UC Davis and returning students welcome back. Keep an eye out for new bikers as our quiet summer campus goes from this:

To this (note the freshmen dinks on many of these bicyclists):

To learn about UC Davis traditions, such as the freshman dink, visit the current fall exhibit in front of Special Collections in Shields Library.

Web Archiving of the California Aggie

September 25th, 2012 by Sara Gunasekara

Special Collections has launched public access to a project that archives the website of the California Aggie student newspaper. This ongoing project, created using the California Digital Library’s Web Archiving Service (WAS), first captured the Aggie website in October 2010.

You can view the California Aggie newspaper web archives here. If you click on the “Site List” tab, you can browse the Aggie by publication date. If you click on the “Search” tab, you can search the archives for a specific topic. When using the search option, we recommend that you limit the “Filter by” option to California Aggie.  You may receive some search results that are listed as unavailable. We’re working with WAS to resolve this issue.

Please note that for all sites in WAS, a six-month embargo is placed on all captured content before it can be made publicly available.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Look Familiar???

September 21st, 2012 by Jenny Hodge

This image from the University Archives is of a dig site in Old Sacramento. In 1966 anthropology students at UC Davis were able to probe the remnants of Sacramento’s historic waterfront community within 10 by 10 foot grids. We know the when, and the where but not the who. So if you have any memories of this class or can identify any of the students in the photograph please leave a comment below.