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Main Street Monday: Davis

This week’s installment of Main Street Monday takes us to our own city, Davis. Eastman titled this image, which he shot in 1944, “Main Street, Davis, Calif.” However the actual street in Davis is not named Main Street.

Can you identify the location of this photograph? Here are some hints: the building on the left corner still stands while the building on the right corner was torn down in 2000. Stay tuned for the location of the image.

We welcome comments about the image including observations on the changes from this image to the present.

Main Street, Davis, Calif., 1944

Main Street, Davis, Calif., 1944

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2 Responses to “Main Street Monday: Davis”

  1. Jean Korinke says:

    This view is looking north on G Street from 2nd street. There is a new display on the northeast corner in front of “Shuz”, where the old hotel (right side of this photo) is that gives the history of this area of town.

  2. Sara Gunasekara says:

    Thanks for the comment and for the correct identification of the image!

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