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Look Familiar???

March 15th, 2013 by Jenny Hodge

The photograph below is from the University Archives Photographs Collection, AR-013. It features student working in the Sculpture Lab sometime in the 1960’s. Do any of these students look familiar to you? How about the projects they are working on? Do you have any of your own memories/experiences to share of working in this lab? Can anyone provide a more exact date or even identify the class? Any information regarding this photograph or your experiences in the Art Department in the 1960’s is welcome.

Sculpture Lab

Look Familiar???

March 8th, 2013 by Jenny Hodge

The only information we have on this undated photograph from the University Archives is the label “Arboretum”. Who are these two men? What are they looking at? Where in the Arboretum are they? Are they discussing expansion plans for the Arboretum? The Arboretum has grown and changed throughout the years as much as the campus itself.  We would greatly appreciate any information you could provide on this photograph. And if you have a moment stop by and enjoy the gardens and plant collections yourself.

Look Familiar???

February 14th, 2013 by Jenny Hodge

Today’s image from the University Archives Photographs Collection is of a beer distillery. This undated photograph is from the Food Science and Technology Department. Can you hazard a guess as to the year based on the equipment being used? Can you tell where on campus this beer distillery is or was? Did you take Introduction to Brewing Beer or any other brewing courses while at UCDavis? We welcome any comments or memories you have to share regarding the art of brewing on campus.


This image can also be found here on the Online Archive of California.

Look Familiar???

January 11th, 2013 by Jenny Hodge

This photograph of an unidentified musical group is from the University Archives Photographs and can be found on the Online Archive of California along with many others. In the photograph there are approx. 35 co-eds practicing. Do you recognize the conductor? Could this be the Glee Club or is it some other choir group on campus? Any information identifying this group or people in the group would be much appreciated. Feel free to also leave comments on your own experience enjoying or participating in choir performances on campus.

Look Familiar???

October 19th, 2012 by Jenny Hodge

Today’s photograph from the University Archives features a…UFO? What exactly is this contraption? Who is that on the inside and what is he doing? Where and when was the photograph taken? What department worked on projects such as this? Please submit any information or commentary you may have about this photograph.

Look Familiar???

October 5th, 2012 by Jenny Hodge

Tonight is the 100th Pajamarino and though it’s changed from a late night pajama clad greeting of alumni at the train station followed by a bonfire and rally, the Student Alumni Association keeps the spirit alive. The Student Alumni Association hosts an evening of free entertainment, games, face painting, food, prizes and of course a pajama contest for alumni, students and the community.

This photograph from the University Archives is of a group of students at the Homecoming/Pajamarino rally and is undated. Please comment if you can identify any of people in the photograph or any other information. Are they leaving the rally? Driving to it? Was the car part of the march to the train station? Where was the photograph taken and when? Any information or memories of past Pajamarinos are welcome.


Look Familiar???

September 21st, 2012 by Jenny Hodge

This image from the University Archives is of a dig site in Old Sacramento. In 1966 anthropology students at UC Davis were able to probe the remnants of Sacramento’s historic waterfront community within 10 by 10 foot grids. We know the when, and the where but not the who. So if you have any memories of this class or can identify any of the students in the photograph please leave a comment below.

Look Familiar???

August 24th, 2012 by Jenny Hodge

This photograph from the University Archives has no description or  approximate date. It is obviously an early image of the University Farm seeing as how there are very few structures in the background or foreground. In fact are these people building or taking down a structure? Any ideas as to the activity, time period or location of this photograph would be welcome. Please comment below.

UAP 02749

Look Familiar???

July 20th, 2012 by Jenny Hodge

Can you identify today’s photograph from the University Archives? This photograph appears to have been used in UCD Catalog in 1988 and though we do not have an exact date we can approximate that it was taken in the 80’s. But where was this photograph taken? Does anyone recognize the the machinery in the background? The students? The subject matter being taught? Any observations or comments are welcome!

Look Familiar???

June 15th, 2012 by Jenny Hodge

It’s that time of year when all over campus you see students running around in caps and gowns snapping photographs of there final moments as UCD students.  Over the years the commencement ceremony has taken place in many different locations and times. This weeks photograph from the University Archives is of a commencement circa 1959 and looks to be right in front of what is now the 24 hour reading room. What college’s commencement was this? Can you identify any of the people in this photograph? Were ceremony’s broken up by individual colleges or was there just one large commencement ceremony? How long was this a commencement location? Did you or anyone you know receive their degree in this location? Any stories or memories from your own graduation are welcome so please share!