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Shields Library Art

March 15th, 2011 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION:  Please take down all the crappy art.  Specifically on the first floor, near the entrance.

ANSWER:  I am sorry you do not appreciate all of the art found in the Shields Library, but that is not unusual.  Art is meant to be interesting, attractive, instructive, and challenging.  Contemporary art, in particular, is often much richer than what appears to be on the surface of the canvas (or whatever material is being used).  What makes most of the Library’s art interesting is that was primarily produced by current and former members of the UCD Art Department.

Library Computer (Ab)Use

March 15th, 2011 by Amy Kautzman

COMMENT: On Wednesday last week one individual was on one computer the entire day. The “public” computers are now being used by three individuals today. There have been at least two persons each day this week. The computers are on the 3rd floor as you leave the elevator. Could someone please check this out. Thank you

ANSWER: The University Library has a policy page that guides patrons on appropriate behaviors when in the Library:

One rule we ask all Library patrons to follow is that of fair use, please be aware of the people around you and be sure to share all Library resources. Library computer use is limited to twenty minutes when others are waiting for access.

If you feel a patron is abusing his or her library privileges, please make a complaint at the Circulation Desk.

Shields Library Main Reading Room Lights

March 15th, 2011 by Amy Kautzman

The Library received a grouping of comments asking for better illumination in the Shields Library Main Reading Room. The requests (below) have been forwarded to facilities where they can explore options.

UPDATE:  Further exploration informed me that the campus lighting crew is scheduled to begin re-lamping the Main Reading Room next Monday, March 21st.  This had been scheduled, but because of finals, we chose not to close the study space down to replace the lamps.

COMMENTS: Replace ceiling lights. The lighting in the main reading room is too dim. Not enough light in 2nd floor main reading room.

While studying in the second floor reading, it has come to my attention that the ambient light in the reading room is not enough. Even though there are table lights, the contrast between the ambient light and lights on the desks are both distracting and harmful.

Therefore, herein I request that the lighting situation in second floor reading room be re-considered.

Improve lighting in the main reading room. Some bulbs need to be replaced.

The lighting in the reading room is dim. Please fix the lighting so we can see.

The lighting in the reading room is dim. It would be more beneficial to students if more of the lights could be turned on. Thank You for your attention on this matter.

– need more light in the Reading Room (2nd floor) – thanks 🙂
P.S. – & need more outlets for computers!

Improve lighting in the main reading room. Some lights are out and others are dim. Lighting is not enough. Please improve.

The lights in the back of the main reading room are too dim to do work. Please fix.