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Library Toilet Paper

May 13th, 2011 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION: Can the Library please provide double-ply toilet paper!

ANSWER:  While we understand and agree with your plea for double-ply toilet paper we are afraid that current budget constraints have compelled us to direct our limited funds to purchase library resources.  We do, however, appreciate you conveying your preferences to us.

Library Maintenance: Electrical Outlets and Water Fountains

May 13th, 2011 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION: The Library should replace the inexpensive electrical outlets under each table in the Main Reading Room in Shields.   They are very worn out and some barely work at all.  One such outlet at the far corner of the hall is detached from the floor and just dangling by the wires.  This should be fixed ASAP.

QUESTION:  Please fix the water pressure in the drinking fountains.  Some of the fountains’ water pressure is so low they’re unusable!  We need to have a way to stay hydrated in this huge building if we’re not allowed to bring in drinks of our own.

ANSWER:  Thank you for both of these suggestions — we depend on a wide array of staff and library patrons to inform us when something is not working as it should.  If you, as a library user, notice anything that is not working as it should or below the standard you believe it should be — please report the issue to the Circulation Desk.  There we will be able to fill out a request and facilities will address the issue ASAP.  Please be exact as to which electrical outlet or water fountain.  Exact locations save us time and allow us to fix problems sooner.

Concerning drinks in the library.  You ARE allowed to have non-alcoholic drinks in the library as long as you keep them in a spill-proof container with a secure lid (no glass & no paper coffee cups).  We support your being caffeinated and/or hydrated, we’d simply like it to happen in a manner that protects our holdings!

Powerstrips in Shields Main Reading Room

May 13th, 2011 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION: What is the timeline with attaching power-strips to the tables in the Main Reading Room? They did one table and it looks great, but what about the others? There should be no reason this project can’t be complete by the end of summer 2011 in time for the new school year. This will be a huge improvement and benefit to all who study in this room.

ANSWER: The Library is thrilled with our successful collaboration with ASUCD to install a power-strip. The one power-strip in the Main Reading Room is a prototype. ASUCD is currently considering a budget proposal to purchase and install power-strips on the remaining tables. We expect to hear from ASUCD by then end of Spring Qtr 2011. Once (if) the Library receives the funds we will purchase the material and Library Facilities personnel will work this project into their workload. We hope to have the project done during the summer.