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Bring Back Old Melvyl

August 2nd, 2011 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION:  No message, simply a plea to return to the older search engine.

ANSWER:  The University of California Libraries have a history of continuous improvement in the Melvyl service.   The first shared UC catalog was developed in 1977 and appeared on microfiche.  The online prototype became available in late 1979.  Since then there have been many different formats with the most recent permanent database upgrade in 2002.  We believe Next Generation Melvyl (NGM) will allow continual growth and improved research results. Melvyl powered by WCL supports research at the networked discovery level by allowing one-stop searching of UC libraries’ holdings, selected full-text articles, ebooks, digital content and more.

Anytime there is a change in technology there are improvements and some features that are not transferable.  If you are finding it difficult to do your research please consider contacting your Subject Specialist who can help you explore the database and its many options.

Make The Smokers Go Away

August 2nd, 2011 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION: I am a student who is in Shields in an almost daily basis. I am getting very frustrated by the fact that I have to walk through clouds of cigarette smoke every time I enter or exit the building. It is simply beyond me how a campus that prides itself on being green, sustainable, etc would allow a building with such heavy daily traffic to have smoking ok’ed along the expanse of the front entrance!

I see students often covering their faces (as I have also done) to avoid inhaling what is sometimes heavy second-hand smoke that collects outside. I understand that smoking areas on campus are to be provided (although, all the community colleges I attended were “smoke free”. I’m surprised that UC Davis is behind on this trend). But if providing smoking areas, is the best place for one outside of our main campus library?!

I think the front “patio” area of the Library should be smoke-free and the ashtrays removed.

ANSWER: Dear student, I could not agree with you more strongly. Many of us who work in the Library do not like having to “run the gauntlet” of smoke when we enter and exit our workplace. The UC Davis Medical Center is a smoke-free campus and I would like for our location to also be smoke-free.

However, we are bound by the policies found in the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual (Chapter 290, Health and Safety Services; Section 10, Smoke-Free Policy) which was last updated 9/17/09.

This manual specifies that smoking is prohibited within 25 ft of Entrances, exits, etc. The majority of students who smoke respect this line of delineation even as their smoke still drifts into the library.

If you should find that people are smoking closer than the allotted 25 ft, please report this issue to the Circulation Desk (at any Library). If possible we will have security guards or other library staff ask the students to step back. I would also suggest that you write to UC Davis Administration and ask how to make the main campus smoke-free. Write to: