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Get Some Tamora Pierce Books!

QUESTION:  Get some Tamora Pierce books (insert smiley face).  There are approximately 25 now, most of them NYT bestsellers (very popular).  And they’re the same target audience as The Hunger Games series, which you do have.  Let me know the reason (if there is one) that you don’t have ’em, I’m curious.  Otherwise, y’all are brilliant and helpful.  Have a brilliant day!

ANSWER:  Thank you for making this suggestion, I’m going to assume you are a fan and not Tamora Pierce trying to get us to buy her books!  As you can imagine, there are millions of books UC Davis Libraries do not own, particularly when it comes to young adult, popular titles.  What makes us brilliant and helpful (thank you for that complement) is the fact that there are millions of books we DO own.

Our focus is on collecting titles that move scholarship forward.  We may own The Hunger Games (loved them!) because they were taught in a class or put on Reserves by a faculty member.  Our Subject Specialist will be given your request and he will make a qualified decision on whether Ms. Pierce’s titles belong in our collection.  He will be in contact with you to let you know his decision.


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