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Golf Pencils / Simpleton

March 16th, 2012 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION: I suggest you stop stealing pencils from Ikea® and get better ones. Also, the library is too confusing for a simpleton like me.

ANSWER: Dear Student, I dislike casting suspicions on the famed Swedish home furnishing company – but we had golf pencils well before they did. At the rate we go through them, I wouldn’t be surprised if some UCD Library pencils make their way to the West Sacramento emporium of inexpensive home goods.

The more interesting comment is your self-proclaimed simpleton status. You are a student. You are here to learn. You are not expected to know how to master the many details of a research library. We are big. We are complicated. We can be difficult to use!

This is why we have classes and librarians who are educated, trained, certified and with multiple degrees to assist you. We do not expect you to know how to use the library beyond the basics. Neither does your faculty. What we do expect is that you will take the time to learn how to use the library.

We are here waiting for you. You can get info many different ways:
• Ask for Help
• Help yourself
• Go directly to the source

Seriously, we are here for you.

Slow Wireless

March 1st, 2012 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION:  The Internet connection becomes really slow in the 24-Hour Reading Room when the room is busy.  I would appreciate it is the wireless capacity could be increased.

ANSWER:  We are looking into this.  We hope to have a happy solution soon.

PS: I was able to explore this situation a bit more and what I found out is fascinating.  Our 24HRR is very near the sidewalk, a sidewalk that is traversed by hundreds of students every hour (possible slight exaggeration).  Campus IET has ascertained that many if not most of these students are carrying smart phones and laptops that have their wireless feature enabled.  This means that each and every one of these wandering scholars is dipping into and using up a bit of bandwidth.  This also means that the wireless system is slowed down a wee bit.  Imagine how this  “walk-by effect” messes with wireless access in the MU?

The good news is that we are limiting the reach of the wireless in the 24HRR so it doesn’t query devices not in the building.  Also, further testing shows we still have amazingly strong wireless connectivity in the library.  So while there may be slight downturns of performance during our busiest periods (ex: midterms) most of you will never notice the blips.

PPS: (May 2012) The Library added more bandwidth to the 24HRR as well as the Nelle Branch room.  We are as saturated as we can be, hopefully this will resolve all connectivity issues!

Music From Laptops

March 1st, 2012 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION: There is a new and annoying trend of students playing music on their laptops – without headphones!

I’ve encountered this twice in the past two weeks and have heard other students complain about this as well.

I think security should be walking the entire library enforcing quiet rules – the cell phone use is bad enough, but this is too much.

I’ve encountered this problem on the 4th fl and in the basement along the back wall – where one tends to go for quiet. There are so few quiet places in Shields these days.

ANSWER: Thank you for taking the time to note the issues with music playing loudly and write a suggestion.

We recently posted more signs asking for quiet — we’re trying to push a campaign of sorts. I will share your comments (and thanks for noting the location!) with our guards and staff. They will try to keep an eye on this area for the rest of the quarter.

Also, pls call the circulation desk with a complaint should students get too loud: 530 752-8792
You may also interact with your peers and ask them to respect the sanctity of the quiet zone. We depend on students to assist us in keeping the library in good order.