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Too Many Log-ins!

January 22nd, 2013 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION: When I log into the library site from a library computer, I am asked for my Kerberos password. Why then am I later asked for my library card number, since the system already knows who I am? I don’t have this number committed to memory, and it is an extra headache to dig it out and type it in. You already know who I am, and so you already know my library ID number.

ANSWER: Thank you for writing in about your frustration with library computer sign-in.  I know it is a bit crazy-making, having to sign in twice, with two different account log-ins. Unfortunately, there are reasons for this that we can’t easily resolve.

The Kerberos sign-in serves as proof that you are who you claim to be. This sign in, when used off-campus, allows you access to databases and other UCD-only materials. Within the library it allows you access to a larger number of computers as well as the ability to use your thumb drive.

You are asked for your library account number when you try to renew a book, use ILL, or any other account specific features within the Harvest or Melvyl catalogs. We are exploring the possibility of using your Kerberos ID as your log-in for these features, but thus far we have not able to get the campus system to work seamlessly with with library system.

In closing, again a great question and one that we’ve been actively trying to resolve. We hope to eventually make this particular library experience much better.