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Webpage Cluttered

QUESTION: Please don’t make your web page cluttered with too many options.  It takes me forever to find what I want.  It is very frustrating and irritating.

ANSWER:  Thank you for taking the time to write to us.  I agree with you, our web site needs updating, in fact a total redesign would be wonderful and we are in the midst of working towards that goal.  The Library will soon be hiring an Online Platform lead — at that point we’ll avail ourselves of the best in user-centric design and new technologies.

This will not happen suddenly, but we (and many other libraries) are aware of the problems with being an information rich environment with the subsequent issue of vastly different audiences wanting immediate access to their specific tools.  One of the best things about our amazing resources is the breadth and depth of what we offer.  Of course, the downside is the super rich, confusing breadth and depth . . .

In the meanwhile, if you need a quick tutorial on how to best use our tools — come by any of our reference desks, set up a meeting with our subject librarians, or email us.  We have many ways to help and we’re happy to show you how to quickly find what you need.

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