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STUFFY 24 Hour Reading Room

QUESTION: Would it be possible to air out the 24 hour room every few days or so, either manually (opening the doors) or through some ventilation system? I think that would really help with the stuffiness, as well as with preventing the room from incubating germs.

ANSWER: I will pass on your suggestion to our facilities crew. Most likely we wouldn’t prop open the doors (security issues) but we can look at the air handling system and see about running the fans more often.
(One Day Later)
Your request was forwarded to campus facilities.
We discovered that the air handling system was operating full speed all day long but then it shut down around midnight. I explained how our room was open 24/7 and we needed better support.

They Changed the fan schedule and it is NOW in effect!
Thank you very much for taking the time to write. It has allowed us to respond to problem we did not know existed.

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