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Need More Electrical Outlets!

February 15th, 2013 by Amy Kautzman

QUESTION: What aren’t there more electrical outlets throughout the Shields Library?

ANSWER: The boring answer is that Shields is an old building and when it was built we didn’t carry computers and cell phones everywhere. Therefore there was no need for the number of outlets we now want.

The story behind that answer is the fact that the Library and ASUCD have partnered to provide more outlets. Last year we added power strips to the desks in the 24/7 Reading Room. Two summers ago we added more outlets to the 2nd floor Reading Room tables. Many years back we added power to hundreds of the individual cubicles. It. Still. Isn’t. Enough.

So, as we look into our future and consider what you need and how the building needs to meet those needs — we will be looking into providing more power. There is no immediate funding for more power in the next year. But providing more power is a priority and we hear you. Seriously, we do.